Tutoring vs Teaching

Teachers within the school system spend much time with the children in their care. With many factors at play, sometimes it becomes apparent that certain children require additional support. This is where the tutor comes in. Teaching and tutoring are very similar avenues, but they do have some differences.

What is tutoring?

Tutor (v) – to act as [teacher] to a single student or small group.

Essentially, a tutor plays the role of a teacher, but they keep it contained to only a few students. This helps maximize the amount of instruction the individual gets. As mentioned, at a young age it is important to help any child that finds him/herself struggling, especially when it comes to basic core subjects.

When it comes down to tutoring, it’s not just about the subjects being taught, but about the relationship that can be built. In an article on, Annette Gourgey, of Upsala College, states “the most profound education students can receive in tutoring is not about a specific subject, but about understanding how to learn, and about their personal role in that process.”

Tutors, to be truly effective, must combine the subject material with empathy, honesty, and humour. They care about their students, are patient with the endless questions (from both parent and student), and they help to boost confidence by understanding what it is a child needs to move forward.

children-working-together-tessera-teaching-reading-tutoringBy knowing how to read their students, the tutor not only understands reasons why a child may be struggling, but they also have the specific time, mostly one on one, to work through the struggles with methods each individual can understand.

The benefits of targeted instruction in one to one, or small group settings are immeasurable.

If you think your child would benefit from teaching or tutoring (I am both), or if you have any questions at all, please contact me at, or by phone, 587.323.0654.

About the author: Melane

Reading, Dyslexia and English Language Learner (ELL/ESL) educator with 30 years of experience. Passionate about teaching children to read. Unlocking the reading maze changes children's lives.

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