I believe that learning to read is both significant and life changing. The process of learning to read is complex. For some children this process may not develop naturally.

Dyslexia means difficulty with language. Research indicates that one does not outgrow dyslexia. Also, given the hereditary nature of dyslexia, if one parent struggles with reading and spelling, a careful watch on their child’s developing skills is certainly warranted. The earlier the better is a good mantra to adopt when addressing reading difficulties.

Assessments I use highlight the current level of your child’s reading and pre-reading skills. These results can illustrate important information about the presence or absence of signs of dyslexia.

The reading program I utilize fosters growth when implemented early and often, and was created by an internationally recognized expert on dyslexia. This approach, which is explicit, cumulative and multi-sensory, is highly recommended and research supported as the approach to use with children with dyslexia.

Call me to discuss your child’s progress. Our initial conversation can help determine if what I offer might be appropriate for your child.